If one photo expresses a 1000 words, just think what multiple photos can do !

We can do multi photo save the date cards which add more life and action to your card. You can show more than one emotion and a many background stories.
Here is one where they wanted to use three photos on a background with colored leaves:
multi photo save the date with leaves in background

and here is another with just a solid color background:

multi photo save the date

Maybe you have story to tell with a set of photos.  On this card the couple used 5 photos to tell a story and set the stage for their 25th Anniversary:

front side:


back side: save the date back side for 5 photo card

So, Yes, we can design a custom multiple photo save the date for you.  We do not limit the amount of photos you want on the card.  Just keep in mind the more photos you want the smaller the photos will need to be to fit on the card.   (and we can print with photos on the back too <- click on link to see example)

If you want to get started and you have multiple photos to send please use the form on this link to send up to 5 photo files.  If you have more than 5 just use the same form again.


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